Is the usage of your API free?

Yes, absolutely. The usage of our API is free of charge, though a donation will help us paying our server bills. Also it shows your appreciation for our work and will motivate us to improve this service.

Do i need to register an account to use the API?

We provide several basic functions, that do not need an authentification.
The more complex function (measured by CPU time and bandwidth) are accessible by registered user only.

Why do i need to register?

We want to keep track of the number of requests (no, nothing else ;) ) and the amount of data that is transfered.

Why are you offering this service?

We actually start it for our own little fantasy league, but thought it is fun to develop it and offer it to everybody who wants to use it as well.

Are there any restrictions?

Basically not, though we do not guarantee a stability that a commercial product can build on.

Your service does not offer the data i am looking for, can you help?

Sure, we are happy to expand this service with new features, so your feedback and wishes are very welcome :)